'Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.'

~ George Bernard Shaw

About us

Genius Media is a new-tech media company with a focus on the development and creation of Transmedia content for Entertainment, Business and Education.


Our mission is the creation and propagation of multi-platform stories for Entertainment, Business and Education.

We believe storytelling and engagement is in the DNA of humans.

We believe in 'deep story' that engages.

We believe in technology that gives the creator control.

We believe in telling stories that matter, move and inspire.

Genius is not about how smart you are. It's about how willing you are.

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Podcast Marketing Strategies


Yoga and Lifestyle

The Globe Program

Empowering Teachers on Climate and Weather

Institute for Global Environmental Strategies

International Climate Strategies

Lighthouse Writers Workshop

Workshops and Classes

Cima Production

Film and Television Development, Production and Post-Production


Post Production Consulting and Services

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The Craft Beer Scene in Denver Colorado

September 27, 2014 in Perfect Brew

Capturing the Denver Craft Brew scene, without the use of grand superlatives.

An Unreasonable Man

April 23, 2013 in Entertainment

Observing the observer, observing the observed.

What's the Story

March 6, 2016 in Writing

The craft of story development.

The Engine Blog

March 6, 2016 in Writing

A discussion about the creative industry with a focus on the new music business and it's future.

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